Golf Rangefinders: What You Need To Know

When it comes to golf, distance measures have an enormous significance on almost every aspect of play. Golf players have to correctly estimate the distance to the target from their current position before they figure out how to get the ball across this distance.


Although all golf courses have a variety of distance markers located at strategic points, golfers still need a lot of help when it comes to making accurate estimates from their position to the intended target.


Enter, golf rangefinders.


Read on below to find out more about these useful devices.


What Are Golf Rangefinders?


Rangefinders, initially used in the construction industry, have been in existence for a while now. Simply put, rangefinders are devices used in accurately measuring how far a given target is from the user’s position.


It is important to note that although these devices have gained widespread use in golfing, they are also used in construction, as previously mentioned above, forestry and hunting among others. However, golf rangefinders are specifically designed for use in golf and come with some specialised features for added value. You can see this article to gain more knowledge about the device.


How Do They Help Golfers?


With a golf rangefinder in hand, golfers are getting many positive benefits, enabling them to improve on their game.


First and foremost golf rangefinders help users correctly measure the distance to targets; this goes a long way toward helping you steer clear of hazards. Furthermore, you won’t need to look for distance markers around the course as you can conveniently get accurate figures from the device.


To get the golf ball across the necessary distance, golfers have to pick the right golf club. Using these devices usually helps take half the work out of this decision as all you need to do is choose a club rated for the indicated distance.


As you can clearly see from the above, golf rangefinders help golfers improve their game by assisting them to make faster and accurate decisions and plays.


Types Of Rangefinders And How They Work


To help you get a clear idea of what rangefinders are, and how they work, it’s important that we take the time to look at the different types available.


There are two main types of rangefinders designed for use in golf, GPS and Laser devices. For more content, refer here.


GPS devices are designed to help the user measure accurate distances using pre-loaded course data. Users need to download a map of the course they intend to use the device online before heading to the course. In most cases, require users sign up for a periodical subscription.


Laser devices on the other hand measure distance with the help of a laser beam. The user aims the device at the target (the target must be a real object for the device to work) through its viewport and then shoots a laser beam by pressing a trigger button. The distance measured is displayed on the device’s display.


After reading the above, you should have a clear idea of what a golf rangefinder is, the available variety and more importantly, how it can help you raise your game a level higher.

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